Open-well pump testing with hydraulic system for loading & unloading of pumps

Range : Up to 30 Amp.​

A lot of time is wasted in fitting while doing open good pump testing because of the fitting arrangement of open well pumps. Aarohi developed a semi-automatic performance testing system with a hydraulic system for loading & unloading of open well pumps which helps to enhance productivity & provides hassle-free testing.




Up to 30 Amp.

Loading & unloading system

Hydrolic system

Parameter measured

V, AMP, KW, Freq., RPM, Flow,& discharge pressure.

Computer interface

Rs 485/ 232

Delivery line

Up to 1.5”

Water tank 

SS material with 500 Letter capacity

Fabrication structure

made up of Powder coated angels with Top plate with SS material

Pump rasiting plate

Made up of SS material 


Pump analyser plus software for all types of pump with realtime data monitoring & Performance report generation with required graph.

Data login

Manual by clicking log button on computer system


MCB for overload protection

Output connections

Piano terminal 30 Amp.

Voltage control

Though dimmer up/ Down centre return switch

Pressure control

Automatic control though motorised valve according to entered database.

Operating panel

On front side with On/Off, Priming, Cylinder up/ Down & Voltage up/down control



Hydraulic system for loading & unloading

Reduces testing cycle time & Human efforts

Operating panel on front side.

Gives easy & hassle free operation for operator.

Report generation with graph as per IS standards

No need of highly qualified person for testing

Computer interface through RS-485/ Rs-232

Data acquisition is very easy by just clicking. 

Cross slide used to mount cylinder

Any pump can be teated hight of pump doesn’t matter.

Aesthetic design of panel

Create a good imprecation on visitors

Separate switches for capacitor

Give vide range of capacitor selection

Pump resting plate is made from SS material

Water used, Due to the SS plate , We can prevent it from rusting.

  • Pump testing setup for assembly line.
  • Repairing/ Service centres
  • Pump testing labs.
  • Lab. for educational institute
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