Smart Power Analyzer with Pump/ Motor Evolution Parameter

Smart electric power analyzer range : 50V to 300V (per phase) up to 300A

Smart Power Analyzer

Smart Power Analyzer

AAROHI introduced a world-first 3rd generation smart power analyzer with a built-in pump & motor evolution parameter, Colour 7” graphic display, Arresting aesthetic look.

Smart electric power analyzer equipped with the following modules: RS 485, Bluetooth, Wifi, Memory card, USB interface & many more.

This Smart power analyzer is ideal for no-load as well as full load analysis for pump & motor testing, R & D & quality enhancement because of special customised software with automatic data acquisition facility & flexibility to select analogue or digital inputs.




V: 5 to 700 (Ph to Ph RMS)/ Amp. 0.01 to 300 Amp. (Direct measurement)/ W: 0.001 to 105.000 KW

Display type

7” colour graphic display


0.05% for Voltage, Ampere, Frequency  0.1% for Watts & PF

Voltage frequency range

10 to 500 Hz

Analogue inputs

8 Channel Analog input (4-20 mA, 0-5V,0-10V DC input for Pressure, Flow, Suction measurement)

Temp. measurement range

PT 100, Range: -70 to 600°C with 0.05% accuracy.

Torque measurement range

2 channel load cell input Range: ±00.000 to ±99.999 Count with 0.05% accuracy

Sample rate

8000 sample/ Second


395 mm x 275 mm x 130 mm



Highly accurate

Ideal to test motors as per IEC 61000-4-7 Class I and Class II Accuracy & other IES/ ISO/ ISI standards.

3 phase 4 wire measurement

Compatible for 1, 2 & 3 phase measurement of motors/ Pumps sets.

Direct measurement.

No external CT or PT required ( Up to 300 Amp.) to eliminate phase & ration errors.

Design of DSP engine with floating-point calculation.

Swift, Error-free, Precise measurement

8 channel analogue inputs

Gives distinctive identity for pump & motor testing.

7” 16 million graphic display

Parameter displayed with graphical symbols, Even in bright light visible from a greater distance.

Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Enabled

Provide trouble free& quick &  interfacing with PC & mobile.

  • Production line or QA testing of electric motors & pump.
  • No load,  Full load & Temp. rise test Motor I& pumps.
  • Development, evaluation & QA testing for home appliances.
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