Fully automatic solar pump testing system with data acquisition

Range : 10 HP

Fully automatic Solar pump testing system with data acquisition

Fully automatic Solar pump testing system with data acquisition

To reduce the mistakes done by human being & to minimise the efforts made by human being,  Aarohi developed automatic solar pump testing  panel. With help of ultra modern technology this panel will increases productivity & work efficiency. Automated data logging facility gives detailed analysis of pump performance.




10 HP

Enclosure (Panel) type

Tabletop, Cupboard

Parameter measured

V, AMP, KW, Freq., RPM, Flow, Suction & discharge pressure.

Computer interface

Rs 485/ 232

Suitable Motor type 


Data login



Solar analyser software with real-time data monitoring & Performance report generation with required graph.

Pressure control

Automatic with help of motorised valve 

Enclosure/ Panel colour

Siemens gray

Output connections

Piano terminal (Screwless terminals)

Capacitor selector 

Separate witches provided for starting & running capacitor



Data logging facility

Minimize human efforts & errors

Report generation with a graph as per standards

No need of a highly qualified person for testing

Computer interface through RS-485/ Rs-232

Data acquisition is very easy by just clicking. 

Operator friendly operation

Increases work efficiency 

Aesthetic design of panel

Create a good imprecation on visitors

Motorised valve with pressure regulator

 Maintains  head (Pressure) precisely as per standard

  • Pump testing labs.
  • Lab. for educational institute
  • Solar Pump testing.
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