Resistance Meter

Range : 0.01 to 2000 Ω​

AAROHI  resistance meters measure a wide range of resistance values at a high level of accuracy. RR2204CZZ  is a high-precision, portable resistance meter capable of measuring resistance with extremely high accuracy with low ambient temp. effect. This is ideal for the testing and maintenance of Electric motors, Pump sets & other equipment with windings. This Instrument is based on the Kelvin 4- wire connection method for measurement of low resistance.




0.01 to 2000 Ω

Display type

4 Digit 0.56” red seven segment X 2lines

Least count

0.01 Ω



Zero setting

Though key board

Computer Interface

Rs 485/ 232

Auxiliary supply

230V AC ± 10%


273 mm x 201 mm x  90 mm



Highly accurate

Ideal to test motors as per IEC 61000-4-7 Class I and Class II Accuracy & other IES/ ISO/ ISI standards.

Based on kelvin 4- wire measurement methods.

Gives error free measurement even in online measurement thru. Contractor logic.

RS- 485 computer interface

Easy to interface with PC for data logging.

Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Enabled (Optional)

Provide trouble free& quick &  interfacing with PC & mobile.

Auto ranging

Gives best accuracy with help of automatic detection of range.

Zero adjustment 

Eliminate effect ambient temp.

  • Production line or QA testing of electric motors.
  • Winding testing for motor manufacturar.
  • Development and evaluation for home appliances.
  • For fault finding/ Maintenance  in electric/ Electronic component                                                                           
  • Evaluation of equipment such as induction heaters/cookers
  • Ideal for online testing.
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