Auto Transformer

Range : 415V Ac for 3 phase & 220V Ac for 1 phase

Auto Transformer

Auto Transformer

Aarohi introduces Auto transformer which gives Continuous & precise control of AC voltage which is basic requirement of pump/ Motor testing. We are Autotransformer manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India.

Parameter Description
Operating voltage 415V ac for 3 phase & 220 V Ac for 1 phase
Operating current Up to 30 Amp. for single phase & Up to 300  Amp. for 3 phase
Insulation resistance Not less than 5 M ohms at 500 VDC
Dielectric strength 2.5 kV RMS for 1 min.
Operating temp. 0-45 deg. Centigrade
Humidity Up to 95% Rh.
Type Air-cooled & Oil cooled
Operation Motorised



Oil cooled type available

Gives uninterruptible output for a long span

Motorised operation

Remote operation is possible

Implementation of a metal wheel at bottom

Handling is very easy

High-quality carbon brush

Low maintenance eliminate internal sparking

  • Pump testing.
  • Motor testing.
  • Home appliance testing.
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