Fully automatic no load ( Routine) testing panel for Induction motors

Range : Up to 300 Amp.​

Semi and Fully Automatic Full Load Testing Panel For All Kind Of Pump

Semi and Fully Automatic Full Load Testing Panel For All Kind Of Pump

Aarohi introduced a fully automatic routine testing panel. The primary purpose of the routine test is to ensure freedom from electrical and mechanical defects and to demonstrate by means of key tests the similarity of the motor to a “standard” motor of the same design.  this panel also helps to enhance productivity, Work efficiency & reduces the need for skill operators.  More than 500 Indian pump manufacturer ware installed this system & satisfied with the performance.




Up to 300 Amp.

Enclosure (Panel) type

Table top, ATM , Cupboard

Test covered

Resistance, IR, HV, Locked rotor, No load, Reduced voltage test

Computer interface

Rs 485

Suitable Motor type 

1, 2 & 3 phase motors

Data login

Manual by clicking log button on computer system


“ Auto tester” Clint server based software with user management  for all types of motor with realtime data monitoring & production report generation. 


LED tower lamp for Pass/ Fail & test in progress status.


MCB/ MCCB for overload protection, Isolation transformer for auxiliary protection.

Output connections

Screw less terminals inside panel

Voltage control

Automatic though motorised dimmer according to master data

Mode of operation

Automatic & manual both provided

Enclosure/ Panel colour

Simens gray

Test time

180 sec. max for all test.



Automatic data logging facility

Minimize human efforts & errors

Model/ Motor wise report generation

Provide production data analytics

Clint server based software

Any one can access easily on network

Operator friendly operation

Increases work efficiency 

Aesthetic design of panel

Create a good imprecation on visitors

Software with user management

Avoid unauthorised usage.

  • Test lab at motor manufacturer.
  • Repairing/ Service centres
  • Motor testing labs.
  • Lab. for educational institute.
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    Semi and Fully automatic Testing Panel For All kind Of Pump

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