High Voltage Tester

Range : 50V to 300V (per phase) up to 300A

High Voltage Tester

High Voltage Tester

AAROHI make high voltage tester is specially designed to test induction & submersible motors with cutting edge technology. High Voltage Tester is manufactured as per the International set of standards and regulations. This High Voltage Testers are available in AC and DC types and are used for testing HV cables after installation and repair to ensuring efficient performance.

It also indicates the voltage withstands level and current leakage level of the cable during the testing period.

We are quality high voltage tester manufacturer and exporter in India.




5KV – 250mA

Display type

4 Digit 0.56” red seven-segment X 2lines

Least count

0.001 kV / 1 mA




60 sec.

Computer Interface

Rs 485

Auxiliary supply

230V AC ± 10%




0.56” seven-segment display

Gives greater visibility (More than 20 feet) even in a brighter area.

Autotransformer provided on the front side.

The voltage setting is very easy

RS 485 computer interface

Easy to communicate with PC.

mA setting pot on the front side

Setting of desired mA is possible

  • Production line or QA testing of electric motors.
  • Cable testing.
  • Winding wire testing.
  • Home appliance testing.  
  • Repairing & service centers
  • Educational laboratory.        
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