Slip Speed Meter

Range : 1800 to 3000 RPM (2 Pole)
900 to 1500RPM (4 Pole)

Digital Slip Speed Meter

Digital Slip Speed Meter

“ AAROHI”  make Digital Slip Speed Meter is very compact & specially designed microprocessor-based instrument to measure speed (RPM) of submerged induction motor with the state the art technology.

 We are involved in offering Slip Speed Meter that is used in submersible pump testing, open well pump testing and regenerative monoblock pump testing.



Slip speed meter Range

1800 to 3000 RPM (2 Pole), 900 to 1500 (4 Pole)

Display type

4 Digit 0.56” red seven-segment X 2 lines

Display parameter

Line Freq, %Slip , Speed (RPM) & CRPM (Corrected RPM)


2,4/ 4,6 /8,10 pole selection

Slip frequency amplitude

10m vpp minimum


For RPM: 1 rpm &  For freq. : 0.01 Hz, For slip: 0.01%

Sampling rate

1/12 Microseconds


RS 485

Auxiliary supply

230V AC ± 10%

Standard coil turns

750- 1000 turns


​96mm x 96mm x130mm



0.56” seven-segment display​

Gives longer visibility even in a brighter area.​

Compact size​

Occupy Lesser area in the panel​

RS 485 computer interface​

Easy to communicate with PC.​

Takes input from indicative pick up coil​

Measurement of a motor at different frequency is possible​

  • Submersible pump testing.​
  • Openwell pump testing. ​
  • Regenerative & monoblock pump testing.​
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