Camlock Couplings

Range : 0.5” to 6”

Camlock Coupling

Camlock Coupling

Aarohi make Camlock couplings are flexible coupling for quickly connecting and disconnecting pumps while testing. Camlock couplings is designed for leak-proof full flow of fluids. Camlock coupling offers a positive leakproof connection without the use of any tools.

The Camlock system consists of a male (father) part “adapter” and a female (mother) part “coupler” with two levers. When you slide the two parts of the snaplock coupling together and close the cam-lock levers of the parent part, you’ll get a leak-free connection.




0.5” to 6”



Gasket operating Temp.

-5 to 50 deg. Centigrade

Dielectric strength

2.5 kV RMS for 1 min.

Operating temp.

0-45 deg. Centigrade

Working pressure

Up to 50 BAR



Durable SS pin arm

will not rust or bind, providing greater strength

automatic couplers push-to-connect system

Providing a reliable connection

cam type locking

Allows easy connection and disconnection in tight applications

coupler tabs cannot be pushed to disconnect when pressurized more than 2 Kg or over

Avoid accidents during operations.

  • Pump testing.
  • Fire system.
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