Pressure Meter

Range : Up to 100 BAR

Pressure Controller

Pressure Controller

Aarohi make pressure meter is suitable for stationary and mobile pressure measurement. Which is used in mechanical and plant engineering, laboratory technology, and environmental technology. The measuring range of the pressure meter reaches up to 100 bar.




Up to 100 BAR

Display type

4 Digit 0.56” red seven segment 

Least count

0.1 Bar


0.5 %

Range selection

Programmable through key board

Computer Interface

Rs 485/ 232

Auxiliary supply

230V AC ± 10%


60mm x 160mm x 100mm



Microcontroller based design

Provides even accuracy for entire range 

Class of accuracy: 0.5 

Testing according to IS/ IEC standard is possible

Computer interface through RS-485/ Rs-232

Data acquisition is very easy.

Easy to operate

Increases work efficiency

4-20 MA input

Easy to connect any range of transducer.

0.56” seven segment display

Visible from long distance

  • Pump testing
  • Water distribution network
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    Pressure Meter

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