Electromagnetic Flowmeter Manufacturers

Flowmeter Range: DN25 To DN1000 (Above 1000MM on request up to 2200MM)

Electromagnetic flow Meter with Remote Display

Electromagnetic flow Meter with Remote Display

Electromagnetic flowmeter is manufactured with state of the art technology. A magnetic flow meter (mag meter,  flowmeter) is a transducer that measures fluid flow by the voltage induced across the liquid by its flow through a magnetic field. Microcontroller-based design provides precise measurement. flowmeter measuring principle work on faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction.

Diameter PTFE:DN6-DN600,DN20-DN1200, Neoprene/ Hard rubber: DN50-DN 2200, Sanitary Type: DN10-DN100.
Accuracy ±0.5% of rate; ±0.2% of rate
Velocity 0.3 -10 m/s
Electrical conductivity >= 5 µS/ cm.
Flow Direction Forward or reverse (Programmable)
K- factor Present.
Flow unit Programmable
Repeatability Error ±0.1%
Display 16/2 LCD for flow rate & totalizer.
Communication RS 485 / RS 232 (Optional on request)
Power supply 220 Vac / 24 Vdc / 110 V ac / 415 Vac
Operating Temperature Hard rubber/ Neoprene liner:-20 …+60℃
PTFE liner: -20…+140℃
High-temp PTFE liner: -2O…+ 18O℃
PFA: -20 …+180℃
Nominal working pressure 10 BAR standard. ( > 10 BAR on request.)
Memory Inbuilt nonvolatile
Output 4-20 mA isolated, Pulse (On request)
Empty pipe detection Yes
  • Pulse, frequency & isolated 4-20 mA output.
  • Empty pipe detection.
  • Online data can be transferred by using GSM modem.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Rate indicator, Totalizer & Batch function.
  • Easy installation & maintenance.
  • User friendly operating.
  • Computer interface measurement.
  • Linear & accurate measurement.
  • Extra thick linear ensures long life.
  • Smooth inner tube no pressure losses.
  • Measurement is independent  from fluid property like viscosity, density etc.
  • Wastewater industry :
    transport networks sewage treatment plants, sludges
  • Water industry: Revenue metering, district metering water abstraction, leakage detection, Remote monitoring of water supplies and distribution networks
  • Metal & mining industry: mediums with high solid content, like ore or excavator mud
  • Pulp & paper industry: pulp, pastes, sludges & other caustic mediums, liquor, additives, bleaches, colourants
  • Replacement of mechanical turbine meters
  • Food & beverage industry: mixing, dosing, and filling of drinks under hygienic conditions filling systems applications
  • Checking of pumps and water wells
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    Electromagnetic Flow meter

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