Insulation Resistance Tester – Megger

Range : 500 VDC/ 1000 MΩ​

Insulation Resistance Tester - Megger

Insulation Resistance Tester - Megger

Aarohi make Insulation resistance tester- Megger enable us to measure electrical leakage in wire, results are very reliable as we shall be passing an electric current through device while we are testing.

The equipment basically uses for verifying the electrical insulation level of any device such as motors, cables, generators, winding, etc.

  • Parameter



    500 VDC / 1000 MΩ

    Display type

    4 Digit red seven-segment

    Least count

     1 MΩ


    5 %

    Computer Interface

    Rs 485

    Auxiliary supply

    12 VDC


    60mm x 160mm x 100mm



    Class of accuracy: 5%

    Testing according to IS/ IEC standard is possible

    Computer interface through RS-485

    Data acquisition is very easy.

    Easy to operate

    Increases work efficiency

    Low weight

    Easy to carry

    4 Digit Red seven-segment display

    Visible from long distance

  • HV transformers
  • Used in motors, transformers, and cables.
  • Railways
  • Power generation
  • Quality Testing Companies
  • Solar generation
  • Industrial companies.
  • circuit breakers
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    Insulation Resistance Tester

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