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Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions

Bringing new products to market is a complex process involving many factors. With today’s fast-paced global economy, doing everything yourself or taking the time to find competent and reliable suppliers, is too much to handle. You need to stay focused on the market, not buried in detail and coordinating materials for manufacturing. We offer turnkey solutions and services ensuring customers’ requirements and get delivered on time, quality and budget.

With over 17+ years of engineering experience combined with the state of art technology allows us to provide leading turnkey solution provider across various industries

Customers benefit from
  •  Reduced time to market
  • Improved cash flow with lower operating capital requirements
  • Lower overhead costs
  • Reduced production risk

Through access to

  • Innovative and exclusive solution provider

As a growing tech innovator, we are fast and agile. We rapidly develop solutions inhouse or onsite to solve our customers’ toughest challenges.

  • Value Driven Organization

We create solutions that make customers more agile and responsive to demands across their organization. Our technology is proven to help run their business more

  • Empowered Team of Engineers

We are passionate about technology and its power to bring about positive change.With a flat structure, the ideas and initiatives of our team are what continue to propel us forward

Adroit team of professionals

Aarohi embedded systems Pvt. Ltd have team of engineers. Based on the powerful technology team and high quality products with reliable performance, company grow at its best.

Client centric approach

We’re ensure that the customer is at the center of a their business’s philosophy, operations or ideas. These businesses believe that their clients are the only reason that they exist and use every means at their disposal to keep the client happy and satisfied.

Well developed Infra structure Facility

Aarohi embedded systems Pvt. Ltd has a well developed infrastructure . Effective transport, and communications networks create the conditions under which businesses grow and the company functions effectively.

Timely delivery

In today’s dynamic market, where the formula “Time is money” is more applicable than ever, Aarohi embedded systems Pvt. Ltd remains unmatched in delivery reliability.

Turnkey Solution

Stage 1: Concept
This is initial stage of system Design start with concept. Engineers from Aarohi embedded systems Pvt ltd work closely with the customer, to define their objectives and requirements, then to understand system functional requirement specifications and provide solution that best suits their requirements.

Stage 2: Feasibility Studies
The aim of Aarohi Embedded Systems Pvt Ltd is to find out if the proposed system can be implemented, given the existing budget and schedule. At this stage, the customer also needs to clarify the preferred suppliers of hardware and software if there are any. After the feasibility study is conducted successfully, it’s time for customer to see the price of the system and the combined effect of the investment (reduced labor cost, improved product quality, increase in production yield and production speed) in order to make an investment decision.

Stage 3: System Design
Once a feasible study gets done detailed project management plan is to be developed, providing the subsequent steps for system development.

Stage 4: System Build & Integration
The complexity of the system Implementation & integration process varies from a module to a turkey solution. Environmental concerns such as temperature, vibrations, dust, and space limitations should be considered in advance. If needed, customized control interfaces can be developed and deploy by us.

Stage 5: Installation & Support
After Successful installation of system Aarohi Embedded Systems Pvt. Ltd. provides training, safety practices, commissioning and documentation for the same.

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