Digital Ampere Meter

Range: Up to 10 Amp for AC  (Direct measurement)

Digital Ampere Meter

Digital Ampere Meter

Aarohi introduces a digital calibrated digital ampere meter with the best accuracy & reliability. Having Measuring Range Up to 10 Amp for AC  (Direct measurement).

Parameter Description
Range Up to 10 Amp for AC  (Direct measurement)
Display type 0.56” seven segment- 4 Nos.
No. of phase For 1 & 3 phase (For AC)
Sample rate 1000 sample/ sec.
Interface  RS 485
Aux Supply Aux Supply: 230V AC ± 10%
Temperature 5°C to 40°C
Humidity 20%RH to 80%RH

CT Ratio

96mm x 96mm x 130 mm


Microcontroller based design Provides even accuracy for the entire range
Class of accuracy: 0.5% Testing according to IS/ IEC standard is possible
Computer interface through RS-485 Data acquisition is very easy.
Easy to operate Increases work efficiency
Digitally calibrated Provide consistent accuracy
0.56” seven-segment display Visible from a longer distance
  • Distribution panels
  • Industrial panels.
  • Testing panels
  • Educational labs.
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    Ampere Meter

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