A brief understanding of leakage current testing

What is leakage Current tester

What Is Leakage Current?

Leakage current is the current that streams from either DC or AC circuit in an equipment to the ground or framework and can be from the output or input.

If the equipment is not properly grounded, the current flows through other paths such as the human body. This mighty also occurs if the ground is incompetent or is disrupted unintentionally or intentionally. 

The leakage current in an equipment flows when an unintentional electrical connection occurs between the ground and an energized part or conductor.

The ground may be the reference point of zero voltage or the earth ground. Ideally, the current leaking from the power supply unit should flow through the ground connection and into the installation’s earth ground. 

Causes of leakage current

The inadequacies in the materials that build up the elements like the capacitors and semiconductors are the main cause of leakage current. This results in small current leaking or flowing through the dielectric, in the case of a capacitor. 

How leakage current measurement can be done

Leakage current test measurement is done during the electrical safety test of a device. The currents flowing through the protective conductor or metallic parts of the earth are measured.

Leakage current tester or clamp meter  is used to measure leakage current of any electrical instrument.

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