Why PMSM Motor Is More Suitable For Pumping Applications?

PMSM Motor

Most hydrocarbon production using submersible pumps requires pumping of fluid that is 95% water or higher.

Energy used to produce saltwater is wasted, and disposal is expensive. Electricity costs are significant, and system efficiency is a major concern. In this application, induction motors (IMs) are less efficient than permanent-magnet motors (PMMs).

Laboratory tests measured efficiency, power factor, kilowatts, current, and speed at various loads and frequencies. Field tests measured input power and flow using the same pump for both systems with negligible well drawdown. On average, the PMM used 20% less power than the IM.

However inherent advantages of

  • High efficiency,
  • Compact design,
  • High torque-to-inertia ratio,
  • Quick acceleration and deceleration capability,
  • High air-gap flux density
  • High power factor

All Advantages associated with permanent-magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) makes it best suited for the water-pumping application.

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