Comparison between BLDC versus Induction motor

Comparison between BLDC versus Induction motor

In today’s technological era without an electric motor, we can never utilize electrical energy efficiently. The motor is a very important part of the electrical field. electrical motors are used in different industries for various equipment control and applications. Design engineers have many choices of electric motors are available in the market while designing applications.

There are mainly two basic types of electric motors: AC motors and DC Motors. The table below shows the difference between a BLDC versus an induction motor.

Comparison between BLDC versus Induction motor

Sr. No Particular BLDC Motor AC induction Motor
1 Speed/torque Characteristic The speed/ torque characteristic is flat in nature. it enables operations at all speeds with rated load The speed/torque characteristic is non linear in nature. It enables lower torque at lower speeds.
2 Rotor Magnet BLDC motor replaces the windings on the rotor with a series of permanent magnets Induction Motor rotor does not have any magnets
3 Output Power/frame Higher Output power frame size is moderate. because both stator and rotor have winding , output power to power frame size is lower than BLDC.
4 Rotor Inertia The rotor inertia is lower. It enables dynamics characteristic The rotor inertia is higher. This enables poor dynamics characteristics
5 Starting current The starting current is rated. it does not require special starter circuit. The starting current is approximately up to 7 times of rated therfore stator circuit should be carefully selected. it normally uses star delta starter.
6 Controller A Controller always required to keep the motor running. it will also used for the variable speed control of motor No controller is required for fixed speed operation. the controller is required only for variable speed desired.
7 Slip No Slip is experienced between stator and rotor frequencies The rotor runs at lower frequency than the stator by slip frequency with load in the motor.
8 Efficiency Higher efficiency Lower compared to BLDC
9 Cost of motor Higher due to permanent magnet Lower Compared to BLDC
10 Size The BLDC motor is smaller in size Bigger in size compared to BLDC
11 Application BLDC Motor can be used in Computer hard drives,DVD/CD players, Electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, electric bicycles. Industrial robots, CNC machine tools, Washing machines, compressors and dryers, and simple belt driven systems etc. AC induction motor can be used in Lifts,Cranes, Hoists, Large capacity exhaust fans, Driving lathe machines and Crushers  etc.

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